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Monday, June 05, 2006

Plane Makes Emergency Landing, Pilot Dies

I've been negligent I suppose in keeping those of you that aren't from behind the Zion Curtain informed of some of the local goings-on. This story made the news over the weekend and Jack Francis is being touted as a hero, however posthumously. Seems Mr Francis had a heart attack while at the controls of his personal light plane. He was able to make an emergency landing, keeping the airplane under control and without injury to any of his passengers before blacking out. He died before emergency services could reach him.
"His actions really saved the lives of the other three people on board. If he hadn't landed the plane on the road, when he did, it could've been a lot worse. He deserves a lot of credit, what he did getting the plane landed when he did."

Francis was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead from the heart attack.
So, kind regards to the remaining family and a hat tip to a man with the presence of mind to first fly the airplane and second protect his passengers.

On a related note, I should point out that this headline certainly qualifies for one of Terry's "Adventures in headline writing" posts. Shame on you KSL!

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